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My work in comics

These are some of the comic books I've worked as an artist on interior pages. I'll update this page with information about other books soon. Meanwhile, you can check the details of these projects, as well as a link to the official website and store where you can purchase a copy.

IDW Publishing

COWABUNGA!!! I´m drawing the mother of all crossovers!!!
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Vs. Street Fighter pits the Heroes in a Half Shell against the rogue fighters of Capcom’s legendary martial arts series i
n a competitive sparring tournament that explodes into a knockdown, drag-out brawl through the mean streets of Atlantic City. Written by Paul Allor, I'm working on the interior pages and covers of this five-issue series which will debut in May 2023.

Previously, I was also the cover artist for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Armageddon Game - The Alliance #1 mini-series.

1First Comics

Lark's Killer

I'm so excited to be working on the return of this comic by Bill Willingham, creator & writer of Fables and Elementals. I started working in the Fall of 2022 on Issue 11, and I can't wait for the publisher to announce its launching date. At the moment I can only assure you that you will enjoy the story and I hope that my art gives the characters and places the personification they deserve.

About the story: Lark is a runaway living rough on the streets of LA, when suddenly she's transported to an alien world of swords, dragons and magic, where everyone wants her dead. And she likely won't live long enough to find out why! 

Dynamite Entertainment

I have work for Dynamite as a freelancer in several titles. I started with my first series in 2015 thanks to Ron Marz, who I had worked previously with on an Indian produced comic book. Here is the list of the titles I've done for Dynamite:

  • JOHN CARTER: Warlord of Mars (2015, Issues 8 to 15).

  • XENA: Warrior Princess (2016, 4 Issues).

  • AGENT 47: Birth of the Hitman (2017, 6 Issues).

  • EVIL ERNIE: Returns (2022, 5 Issues).

Last year, I did the interior art for EVIL ERNIE, a 5-issue series written by Scott Lobdell, you can find some pages of the interior art here.

Visionary Comics

Visionary Comics, under the direction of C. Edward Sellner gave me the opportunity to work on an award winning indie graphic novel series ASTRAL.

ASTRAL SAGA by Jay Magnum, is a compilation of more than 340-pages in which we've been working since 2017.  The 3-graphic-novel "ASTRAL THRILL3GY":

  •  Volume #1: Astral Genesis (120 pages)

  •  Volume #2: Astral Evolution (100 pages)

  •  Volume #3: Astral Alliance (128 pages)

Also, we are in the making of the 4th volume, Astral Vengeance, divided into a 5-issue comic book series. You can find some of my work in the ASTRAL SAGA here.

Indie comics

And here are the latest comic books I've made for Independent Creators. Take a peek, I really enjoyed working on them.

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