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Adelita 3017
by Ariel Medel

As a comic book artist and fan, I've always had my own stories around my head and this time I decided to take the time to put one of my favorites on paper. This is my first creator-owned series, I really hope you like it. - Ariel.

Set in a futuristic post-apocalyptic world, the story follows Adelita, a character based on the archetype of the female soldier in the Mexican war of Revolution. It’s influenced by movies like the 80s Mad Max movies and Star Wars, along with elements from Mexican folklore, of course.


You’ll find anthropomorphic coyotes, witches, giant iguanas, robots and bio-mech mutants! All packed into an action-adventure comic with a compelling story and a mystery that will unravel throughout the mini-series.

Adelita tries to save a world ravaged by war, famine, and disease. Set in the year 3017, in a post-apocalyptic Mexico. After centuries of war and destruction of the environment, humanity is on the brink of extinction after a disease has turned many of its survivors into mindless rotten beings more machine than human. What little humans are left are scattered along the wastelands and struggle to survive under the constant menace of the vicious gangs commanded by Mechanicus and Masacres.

Adelita 3017 Issue #1 is complete and ready to be printed thanks to our friends from Outland Entertainment. Stay tuned to learn where to get your copy.

The Team.

The team has worked hard to make sure you get the best comic we can deliver.


Ariel Medel (creator, writer and artist)

Comic professional since 2012, working at the moment on Lark's Killer, a fantasy comic by Bill Willingham, creator & writer of Fables and Elementals, published by 1First Comics. He entered the American industry in 2013 working for Zenescope in titles such as Quest, Masumi, Wonderland and Grimm Fairy Tales. He has worked drawing John Carter: Warlord of Mars, written by Ron Marz, Agent 47: Birth Of The Hitman, and Xena: The Warrior Princess for Dynamite Entertainment. He also drew The Unbeatables, written by Fabian Nicieza, for Marvel.

He's worked on several independent titles like ACD, Astral Genesis-Vengeance, Skater Girls, P.O.M. and Spider-Squirrel.

His latest independent titles are Astral Vengeance, the fourth installment of the Astral saga and Milestone the new comic book series from Xion Studios — home to Spider-Squirrel.

He recently finished a 5 issue stint of Evil Ernie, written by Scott Lobdell, for Dynamite Entertainment.

Yen Nitro (colors):

GUSTAVO ADOLFO YEN ROSALES, Colorist, Illustrator and extreme sports practitioner born in Bogotá, D.C. – Colombia. From a very young age he has ventured into illustration and drawing. His talent made him win an illustration contest sponsored by Hewlett Packard in his hometown, promoting his career in advertising campaigns, the most recognized being the Star Wars Exhibition in Colombia, showing his skills as an artist and colorist.


In 2019, he debuted as a professional in the Time Square comic by the renowned writer and artist Howard Chaykin, making him his official colorist ever since.


By 2020, he debuted with small tasks for renowned firms such as MARVEL and DCCOMICS.

Saul Shavanas (colors):

Saul S. digital colorist, he has worked on some independent comics like Spider-Squirrel by Charlie McElvy (creator/writer), Rabbits in Space by Omar S. (creator/writer).

Currently, he is working on El Gran Matuk by Pablo Gómez (creator/writer),  Xyber Ronin by Daniel Garcia (creator/writer) and Milestone also by Charlie McElvy from Xion Studios.


Jacob Bascle (letterer): Photo and Bio coming soon.

Daniel D.Calvo (editor):
Daniel is a Cuban American writer, editor, translator and content creator based in Philadelphia. As the first editor in chief of Konkret Comics, he edited several award-winning titles like Akolyte and The Watchman, and managed highly successful crowdfunding campaigns that were awarded with a "project we love" badge and funded for several times their original goal.


As a writer, he launched his first scifi comic Andy Starboy in 2020, and his critically acclaimed Aztec mythology superhero comic launched on Kickstarter in 2022 and received great praise from the comic industry. He now works developing projects for different media as a writer and editor.


C. Edward Sellner (Outland Entertainment):
Working for over four years behind the scenes in a number of other studios and small publishers, Sellner launched Visionary in 2006, to be a banner of quality and integrity in the entertainment industry. He has worked professionally as a comics writer, colorist and artist, and also as a prose author and screenwriter. He serves as the CCO for Visionary and primary overseer on all projects. writer and editor.

Additional Art for the Kickstarter Campaign
Special print and variant covers!!!

Variant covers are very important, so I wanted to offer you a BIG plus by working with some of the coolest artists out there.


Here are the alt-covers and collaborators names of what we offered as rewards in the Kickstarter campaign.


Also the back cover offered as a reward is at the end of this list. 2 of our backers asked for their comic book character to be included, and surprisingly one of our backers has the same name that our main character, ADELITA, and obviously she's fighting bravely with her new friends. I had a lot of fun drawing this back cover.

Thanks to everyone who supported this comic book.


Standard Cover

Pencils by Ariel Medel

Painted by Diego Olascoaga


Cover B

By Lena Dei


Early Bird Print

Line-art by Cosmo

Colors by Israel Silva


Cover C

By Marcus Williams


Cover A

Pencils by Ariel Medel

Painted by EdsFox



Line-art by Ariel Medel

Colors by Saul Shavanas

KS Section


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The Kickstarter campaign for Adelita 3017 took place last October, I hope you had the chance to support our crowdfunding campaign and enjoy this story.

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Adelita 3017 Issue #1 Publisher

We are very pleased to had been picked up by Outland Entertainment, an independent publisher with lots of experience in the comic book indie industry. They will help us managing the KS Campaign for Adelita 3017 Issue #1.


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